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Icebox intake for Acura Integra 1st and 3rd gen

I have two Acura’s 1987 and 2000

Why do people do the Icebox intake? More power? What about gas mileage with this modification?

Is it good to make this mod? Thanks

I re-routed the snorkel on my Toyota Matrix from under the hood to just behind the front grill with <$20 worth of dryer vent hose.
I confirmed the lower intake air temp using an OBDII scanner.
More details in this thread.

I don’t know why they do it. I do know why they do it. Nobody has to because your engine doesn’t want cold air. If that’s the only thing they modify, it’s mainly for show.

Cold air intakes are a good idea, but only if they really are cold air intakes. If you buy something that looks cool but the air filter is still located in the engine compartment, then it’s not a cold air intake. Cool air is denser than hot air and the more air you can cram in your engine the more horsepower you’ll get. And if you drive conservatively I would have to believe fuel economy goes up as you don’t have to drive a car as hard to do the same job. Just my two cents.