Closed cold air intake

Anyone know how to improve the sound of a closed cold air intake?

Can’t hear it at all even with radio volume all the way down, full throttle and head out the window

Hmmm, intake that’s too quiet? Sorry no real suggestions. You need a more “wanna be racer” oriented forum.


I wish that was the case with my neighbor’s son and his obnoxiously loud VW Golf.

Open the closed airbox system.

This is one of those things I will research after I do important things . Like sorting my sock drawer :wink:


I think you need a 4v carb for that. Then you step it down and all four kick in and you can hear the gas being sucked through after the tires squeal.

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Go with dual 4’s then you can also watch the fuel needle drop as well.

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don’t forget the blower and you hear the whine.

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You can’t improve a quiet air intale.

I think his 1990 Corolla Dx with its already powerful 1.6l would probably either flood out or just plain grenade. But that would solve the “quiet intake” problem, and get another annoying “wanna-be-racer-boy” off the street. It’s a Win-Win :rofl: :joy: :joy: :rofl:

Had a 62 Sport Fury with a 361, cut a hole in the hood, added an air scoop, split the air cleaner housing, rigged it to seal to the underside of the hood. When the secondaries opened up, WOT, I could not hear the exhaust over, what Ross Perot would call “a giant sucking sound “.
I my defense 1967, I was 17.