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Weak ventilation output

My '87 Toyota Pickup’s ventilation system blows very

weakly. I have taken it apart and cleaned out the crud.

The blower’s blades are still whole and the motor sounds

good. It doesn’t matter whether it takes air from inside

the cab or outside (I cleaned the outside intake vents

after a bear bent up the vent cowl louver anyway.) I

care most about defrosting the inside of the windshield

in very cold weather, when my breath freezes on the

inside of the windshield.

Could it be the filter on the door that controls the

inside/outside mix? What would I replace that with?

Any other ideas?

If you have a big bug deflector, it could spoil the intake pressure while you are moving. I had one on a 87 Mazda pickup and it practically stopped the air. Check the door frames for exhaust ducts and be sure they are clear. I don’t remember filters on that year pickup.

When you say weakly do you mean w/out much force? If so change the blower motor…easy fix. Just because the blower motor works does not mean it does not need replacing.