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Betsy ross bridge caller

Two things klik n klak didnt address during the call from the betsy ross toll runner was 1) that bridge manager was actuvely listening when that lady called in. Right? And 2) at the end of the segment one of the bros mentioned batman shooting things out of his wrists. Ibviously that is not batman to whom ge was referring. Thanks! Bug fan from wayback
Kelly campbell Northport, long island, , ny. I drive an 03 saab 9-3, btw with 71k miles.

Meant ‘big’ fan but i do love Beetles too. From way back.

Car Talk is taped several days before being broadcast. I expect the bridge toll fellow was asked in advance to participate. It was an entertaining call. And that’s what is most important to us listeners.

More info on the way Car Talk is produced is described on the Wikipedia site’s entry for “Car Talk”.