Klick and Klack

Hey–Do you guys at Car Talk keep in touch with Ray?? How is he doing?? I think of him every Saturday…

I don’t think anyone here actually know him. I drove by their garage once about 15 years ago.

I heard . . . and I don’t know if it’s true . . . that he still has a column in a newspaper

I heard . . . and I don't know if it's true . . . that he still has a column in a newspaper

Yes…still syndicated in newspapers all over the world.

I thought the “Dear Car Talk” section of the web site is written by Ray, and that is the same as the columns in the newspapers. But I could be wrong, as I rarely see a newspaper with the column.

I never met the man. But I’m impressed with what he’s achieved for himself.

Oh, you know, the Hahvahd Squayah folks sit around drinking cappuccino with him, but they tell me once in a while during the week he records items for local NPR stations around the country, and works on the syndicated newspaper column. He contributes some web content, too. There will be more details in the newsletter (Time Kill Weekly), but Ray will be doing a Twitter chat this coming Wednesday night with the folks from Bestride.com.

Thanks for asking!



It’s nice to have inside information :wink:

I think that ray is a poster here…

…but I forget which one. :slight_smile:


“I think that ray is a poster here…”

That’s either . . .


depending on who it is . . . if it’s even true :flushed:

Does he like to sail?

I ll never tell…

…but speech patterns are hard to disguise.

I ve actually started to listen to cartalk again, even tho the rest of NPR has gone to pot.
i do wish that they would just play the old shows as aired instead of re-mixed, but i am happy to still have the smiles on Saturday morning while i m puttering about the garden or puttering about the Ford.

i really think that cartalk could rise again in a new, but similar, format.

first, keep Classic Cartalk on the air at 10 am, then have the New and Improved Cartalk on at 11am.

(that s a joke referring to “new coke” and “classic coke”)

on the new show you would have to have younger guys who could last 20 yrs…

one guy would have to be a “rice burner” fanboy. the kids just love their rice burners…

another guy would have to be an offroad guy, again for the kids… (i am telling you that the guy from “bleepin jeep” would be great.)

then maybe the third half of the team could be a hot rodder, for the “street outlaws” set…

just a thought…

again, “wait , wait, don t tell me”…isn t funny.

NPR has become slanted and full of pointless navel gazing.


C-span is the new NPR and the new PBS.


I’m afraid I don’t share all of your opinions

I think “Wait wait don’t tell me” is hilarious

I agree that NPR is slanted, but that’s just how I like it

I do not agree that it’s pointless

I actually think C-span is rather boring

Of those 3 types of cars you mentioned, none of them really appeals to me

Come to think of it “new coke” was a disaster.

If it ain’t broke . . .

Perhaps the car talk format with Tom and Ray was a moment in time, which can’t really be repeated

I’m grateful I am of a generation that I was able to enjoy the shows before they were reruns

as far as Ray being one of the regulars . . . if it’s you, then you know it to be true. Otherwise, unless Ray told you to your face that his screen name is such and such, it’s hearsay, yes?

If he was one of the regulars, he would probably be one of the guys where the join date was blank. Meaning somebody that’s been on the website for a very long time. That eliminates me and at least 80% of the other regular posters.

That’s it . . . I’m not going to spend any more time thinking about who Ray might be :sunglasses:

lol DB. sounds like you don t share ANY of my opinions…

I like a free thinker…

anyway…, the new cartalk isn t gonna be for me and you, it s for the next generation of young bucks and buckettes.

I would pull my hair out if I had to listen to five minutes of talk about a hotrod Honda with too much camber.

and I m way too close to dyin’ age to go race the quarter mile and get there any quicker

and I m driving my 75 ford thru the zombie apocalypse and leavin’ my jeep in the driveway, but the kids still like mud.

it s bad enough that we are leavin’ our kids a horrible deficit and a world in shambles, we can t leave them without cartalk too!!!


Sure, I shared some of your opinions

I agreed that npr is slanted . . . but I didn’t see it as a problem. Just the opposite

I also agreed that the original car talk format worked

I’ve never heard the term buckette . . . seems I learned something today :fearful:

Interesting that you suggested a format for the hypothetical new car talk, which you yourself wouldn’t be too crazy about. Meaning the types of cars you mentioned aren’t something you’re interested in

Me, I’d want a format that applied to you AND not so young

Here’s an interesting observation . . . I know several hard core conservative people who listen to the npr radio stations. They listen to morning becomes electic, prairie home companion, wait wait don’t tell me, etc., not the politics. They make it clear that they’re picking and choosing

Fair enough

That means those people and I agree about a lot of things, but we also disagree about a lot of things

Could be worse

If you only listen to people you agree with, you don’t learn as much.

I started listening to click and clack on a Sunday night rebroadcast out of Boston while driving truck,before they went national. I think it was when they would rent garage space and tool to people to work on their own cars.

I came to the forum late because I never once used a computer until 8 years ago and this is still the only computer I have ever used.

In late 1989 I was in between jobs and called the union hall on Friday am edto see if anyone needed a driver for the day, they said someone needed a driver to make a Buffalo to Cleveland turn at 9pm. I got there a little early to fill out the paperwork for payroll so I could get paid for the trip and got directions to the terminal and a gate key because the terminal would be closed when I got there. I was also told what trailers I was bringing back. When I got to Cleveland I opened up the bill box to get the papers for what I was bringing back and I expected to find a phone to central dispatch which was the case for all the many companies I had ever worked for.
Instead I found a computer screen and keyboard. I shrugged my shoulders ,hooked up the set of trailers and headed back to Buffalo, they were quite upset when I got back and couldn’t believe I couldn’t figure out how to use the computer. I guess when you know how to do something well you can’t remember what it was like before you learned it.

oh, I grew up on NPR and it was a great thing which I loved. it always had a slightly liberal slant, but was fair and honestly presented all viewpoints

now I can t even listen to “you bet your garden” without being bombarded with nanny state, big brotherish scolding.

the thought police can kiss my lily white butt.

I do listen to all views, and as many sources as are available.but a bunch of 20 something navel gazers worrying that the world doesn t revolve quickly enough around their wonderful enlightened selves makes me switch stations as quickly as does 10 seconds of rush freakin’ Limbaugh or Rachel madcow on msnbc.

I m special!!! cater to me! I m special special special!!!

@“oldtimer 11”

“If you only listen to people you agree with, you don’t learn as much.”

Well, in that case I must be very highly educated

Our shop computer is right next to the boss’s office, and the door between the computer room and his office is always open

He is always listening to a political talk radio station. One that doesn’t share my views, by the way. So for every 15 minutes I spend on that computer, looking for TSBs, repair information, part numbers, etc., I also get an education, if you will

I asked a few questions one time. Such as “Who are you listening to?” and “What radio station is that?”

My boss mistook my questions for interest . . . meaning he thought I shared his political opinions. I smiled and said a few things which were vague, but didn’t identify my political opinions one way or the other. I was respectful, but didn’t really say much :wink: