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Best Year for Mazda CX-3 and Mazda CX-5

As stated above. I’m looking for the best year (reliability-wise) for both a CX-3 and a CX-5.
I’ve tried finding this information myself, but can’t.

I’m seeking knowledgeable answers, please! I like knowing why it’s the best year.

Thank you so much for your time!!

Our partner site has the answer you are looking for.

CX-5 avoid 2013-14-16
CX-3 avoid 2016 because of a/c problems


Forget trying to determine the best year . Not all vehicles of any year all had the same problem. Maybe some built in the last part of that year the problem had been corrected. Also you did not give a budget so that makes it difficult to pick a year. Just find what you like used and have a mechanic look at it . Or buy something new that you can afford with warranty.

The 2019 CX-5 is getting glowing reviews. If I were buying a car myself, I’d rank that over the yet-to-be-determined reliability, which is likely to be fine.

The 2017 new redesign of the CX-5 gets average reliability rating at CR; the 16 and 15 get much better than average; 14 and 13 better than average. CR does not have earlier CX-3 in their ratings, but says above average for the 2018.

The older Mazdas I see around here (Duluth, MN) have a lot more rust than their cohorts have. If that’s a factor for you I’d say buy as new as possible.