2019 Mazda CX-3 - Question on buying

Thinking about buying a 2019 mazda cx-3 would appreciate any feed back pro and con.
Thank you

Carcomplaints.com doesn’t have anything, which might be a good sign. I’d wonder though why a year old vehicle was already for sale. Is it a “leftover” that wasn’t sold? A rental vehicle? Do you know its history?

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Rather than buy a new vehicle I was looking at purchasing a year older to avoid the depreciation.
Possibly a better deal.
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Ah. I thought you had a specific vehicle in mind. Typically used vehicles tend to be at least two or three years old. A used vehicle that’s only a year old is often an indication of problems.

Change your thinking. Dealers are over stocked with new vehicles now , new vehicles have full warranty and some have 0 % financing for qualified buyers . Depreciation is a non issue for those of us who keep vehicles for 10 years or more . I also wonder about any vehicle back on the market in less then 2 years . 3 years and it might be a lease return.

Yeah, zero financing is attractive.
Rather go to the dentist than try to negotiate car deals!

It is possible to make a vehicle purchase over the web and have it delivered to your front door . You can get multiple offers by email .

They’re also overstocked with used vehicles and a used one might make sense.

I’d skip the CX-3 and look for a new Mazda CX-30 or a used Hyundai Kona. The CX-3 is unusually small.

Consumer Reports puts it on their Recommended list. They also report much better than average reliability and much worse than average owner satisfaction. Hmmm.

They say ride is stiff esp. with 18" wheels, and noise levels are high. “… agile, fun to drive handling and good fuel economy.” CR, April 2020 issue.

Thank you Shanonia
Very helpful!

What? Problems?
I’d say that a year old vehicle is likely under the manufacturer’s warranty, whereas one that is two or a few years old is more possibly/likely out of warranty, by miles driven.

Of course, in all used cars, collision damage and subsequent repairs are excluded from warranty coverage and need to be identified.

I like buying used cars with no collision damage or collision repair and some factory warranty remaining to cover any surprise or intermittent “problems”.

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Yes, problems. Not necessarily major stuff but recurring annoyances, items the dealer’s shop hasn’t succeeded in fixing. Issues the owner simply couldn’t live with.

It’s funny how these show up on CarFax.

I have returned my Accord to the dealer 7 times now (waiting this damn thing to be legally classified as lemon), and what I have on the CarFax is 7 records of “Vehicle serviced. Maintenance inspection completed.”

Considering that car drives and looks beautifully (other than the moments brake system is telling it is unhappy), unless the next owner deduces that car returned for the maintenance every 500-1500 miles is really not an over-maintained car, but a lemon, he might be up for the unpleasant surprise.


New, slightly used, lightly used, roughly used, old, all cars can have that. I wouldn’t shop for a 2 year-old car instead of a 1 year-old car thinking I was going to avoid or reduce those remote chances.

I’ve bought plenty of cars in all the above categories, over 5-1/2 decades and never had such a problem that I couldn’t easily resolve or that warranty wouldn’t. But, I don’t go around trying to find things to worry about, things that will probably never happen.
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Good thing you bought new and not used!
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Still, no-lawyer was no-go, so now it is in professional’s hands.