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CRV or CX5 or Rogue

Trying to decide what to buy in a small SUV. I normally buy on price but wanted to get your opinion. I’m guessing I can get a 2017 Honda CRV EX for around $26,000 while the LX without any safety features around $22,000. I think I can get a 2016.5 Mazda CX5 fro around $22,000 (it has Blind Side and Rear Cross Traffic) From Nissan, a 2017.5 Rogue S with Blind Side and Rear Cross Traffic for under $20,000 and a 2017 Rouge SV with the same safety futures for just north of $20,000. Prices are my “end of the month” guestimates. I’ll drive it for 10 years or 150,000 miles before buying somethin new. I’m guessing Honda has the best quality while Nissan has the lesser quality of the three. Which one should I get?

It’s a bit of a tossup but I would go with the Honda if I had to choose between those two. However, your best buy is a Toyota RAV4 which will outlast both of them.

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Drive them, see what you like. I’ve heard lots of good things about the CX5, it’s on my list.

My daughter has a CX-5 and loves it. Drive them all and decide which one you like best. The Mazda will have the best handling FWIW.

Get a Toyota RAV 4 if you are planning to keep it 10 years because they are much more reliable.

The Honda and the Nissan have the CVT transmission so reliability might be a question area.
I have looked at the CX-5, with due respect to other posters here, I could not be thrilled by the handling and the rear seats felt more cramped and would not recline (not sure if it is the same, this was in 2015).
You should test drive the Mazda for yourself and decide.
I agree that the RAV4 having a true and tested engine and a regular automatic transmission should last much longer.

Don’t forget the Forester. Top rated by CU.

My daughter just bought one of those AWD Mazda CX-5s. She liked it because of the conventional transmission. I like the SkyActiv (non-turbo). I looked at it and took a ride. Fit and finish was impressive and it went down the highway well. As you pointed out left-overs are on a blow-out $ale.

Honda reliability has declined in recent years according to CR.

The new Mazda CX-5 is a vastly improved machine in terms of space, ride quality, noise and comfort. It’s also on my recommended list. The great handling has not suffered. And it does not have a CVT transmission.

My top two choices would be the Toyota RAV4 or the MazzdaCX-5 today,.

Check crash test information. That Mazda got some very high scores. That could bode well for insurance rates.

Then check all the model choices with your insurance agent. Over a 10 year period insurance savings could be worth a look.

I always check that out before buying any vehicles. I hate surprises (unpleasant ones) afterwards.