2013 Mazda Mazda5 - Reliable?

2013 mazda 5 reliability

8 year old car is a crap shoot no matter who made it. It really all depends on the maintenance done over those 8 years.


If you are talking about Mazda’s as a class, their reliability is among the tops. If you are looking to buy one, just like any other car, get a good mechanic’s thorough diagnosis.


Consumer Reports says the 2015 Mazda5 earned a perfect 5/5 rating for reliability. However, the 2013 had a 2/5 score. Hmmm.

That depends on how well it was maintained. Drive it and give a close look yourself. As suggested above, have a mechanic you trust put it on a lift and give a it a prepurchase inspection. If the list of things it needs doesn’t scare you off, you might consider buying it.

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This is a cousin of the Mazda3, exactly the same from the firewill forwards, I know owners with 250K on theirs with no major issues who’ve owned them since new. The Mazda3 of the same vintage has also proved very reliable. You just have to maintain them, no different than any other car.

Mazda did nothing to market these in the US so they sold 22,000 in a really good year falling until they dropped it after selling 8,609 in 2015 .

The Mazda5 that I looked at had captain’s chairs in the back seat, so seating three back there was impossible.

They all do, at least here in north america, seats six in 3 rows and in other markets they made them with 3 seats in the middle row for 7 passenger seating.