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Beeping driving me (beepin') crazy!

Hello all; I have a '91 Honda Accord (113K); The dash light/sound warnings of not being buckled up is driving me nuts!! While all passengers have buckles in place, the flashing light and annoying beep! continues for as long as I am driving. Trips to 3 mechanics have been unsuccessful at solving the problem.

Anyone have an easy (and CHEAP) way of disabling the beep sound? (I can tape-over the flashing lite). Many thnx for all good ideas…Gene In Colorado

Locate the beeper and unplug its wiring connector. No more beep.

Not sure on the Honda, but if the buckle ends, near the floor, have an electrical wire coming from them, unplug those. You may discover that just one of them is the culprit.

Ken has it. Been there, done that.