I drive a sedan (a 2001 Accord) and when I find myself parked?either parallel or side-by-side?between SUVs or other members of the genus ?light trucks,? I can?t see anything when I?m pulling out.

So I?ll often honk my horn before moving forward. Some of my passengers, especially kinfolk, think I?m an overcautious wimp. What?s your response to the positional, vehicularly-conditioned blindness I?ve described? Should I maintain my macho credentials with closed eyes and some Hail Mary acceleration? Or should the beep go on at the risk of all my hard-earned street cred?

This one’s easy.
When you are alone, beep the horn. It makes you feel better, and it might actually help to avoid a crash.
When someone is riding with you, make them get out and direct traffic while you silently pull out of the spot.

UPS and FEDX drivers do it every day, all day. So often that the habbit finds it’s way into their personal driving.
It absolutely can’t hurt.

However, in a parking lot setting, other drivers will not hear that beep. do not depend only on it and just pull out head-long into cross traffic. ( only pedestrians will hear )
Relay on the old faithfull blind pull out…
Advance just a bit to be seen and STOP. Then ease on back, then go.
This gives the opposing traffic time to yield to your intent and it gives you time to see that they have.

If this is a continuous recurring problem , as is my 6’ fence by my driveway,
BACK IN to parking spots so you have un-obstructed clear vision when pulling out forward.

Honk away,you are the one that must deal with the damages from hitting someoe,just make a joke about it for your passengers.Tell Aunt Millie it is a signal to your Dealer (not car) you will be away a while.

I got hit by a car once, by a customer that pulled her car into the shop on her own (no honk) it did not feel good and cost my boss a bit of cash (he paid my medical and did not make a report.