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Seat belt beeper

I know this sounds minor compared to the problems we could be having, but it bugs the crap out of my wife and me. We have a long driveway and if we go from the top to the bottom of it without fastening our seat belts, this annoying little beeper is going off the entire time. We always buckle up when we are on the road, but a lot of times we stop at the bottom of the driveway to open or close the gate, check the mail, etc, and I don’t think we should have to buckle up, drive down the driveway, unbuckle, get out, get back in and rebuckle just to keep the beeper happy. There has got to be a way to shut off this annoying sound. I’ve never had another car that did this, including my Toyota Tacoma pickup I currently own or my S-10 that I just sold. Any ideas?

you can look and see if there is a wire harness coming out of the buckle of the seat belt. Then you can always jumper the connector(if there is one), maybe splice or clip the wire, whatever works.

Maybe they trust us more now, but when they first started making the seatbelt chimes they intentionally made them hard to defeat. At any rate, with the intelligent airbag systems and everything they’ve got today it’s probably not a good idea to go snipping wires anyways (I believe the airbag deployment force is different if you’re wearing your seatbelt or not). The easy solution is to just go to the junkyard and get a couple of seatbelt clips and then you have something to stick in there to shut the beeper up that’s at least a little less of a hassle.

Follow your ears to the beeper and unplug it. Don’t fool with the wiring in the seats as you might mess up the airbags. Just unplug the beeper.

Have you checked your owner’s manual? Fords have a procedure in the manual to disable the seatbelt chime. Maybe GM has something similar?

Unplug the beeper/chime.

I thought that GM was running all the chimes through the radio these days.

You might want to check a forum dedicated to the Pontiac Vibe to see if someone has posted an easy way to defeat the seat belt chime. I learned from one of the Subaru forums that the chime on my Outback could be defeated by starting the engine, waiting for the chime, quickly buckling and unbuckling the seat belt 20-30 times before the next set of chimes went off, and then shutting off the engine. After performing this procedure, the chime sounds once at start-up, but not every 15 seconds or so thereafter. I usually have to repeat this procedure once or twice a year since something apparently “resets” the chime configuration, but it’s much better than listening to that damn incessant chiming…particularly for any passenger that happens to be in the car waiting for me while it’s running.

That’s similar to the way Ford does it.