Annoying beeping

Theres an annoying beep its not the one which says"Hey your on the highway and your doors open." but its not loud enough to be a car alarm i think.Thats because it only beeps for 1 minute straight.

Check for any indicator lights on the dash, or check the vehicle information window, if so equipped. The beep is usually to draw your attention to one of these.

i looked there are no lights coming on. THis happens everytime we start it. The doors are shut and every thing. I need to know where its coming from.

puzzling isnt it?

Check your owner’s manual. There is a lot if information in there.

You bight want to check all the fluid levels (oil, radiator coolant and wiper fluid.

My best guess is that this sound is a reminder to fasten your shoulder harnesses. Of course, that is just a guess.

But, why should you or anyone else guess? As Mr. Meehan suggests, it would be a good idea to reach over to the glove compartment and take out the Owner’s Manual. As the old saying says, “when all else fails, try reading the instruction manual”!

If you don’t have an Owner’s Manual, I would suggest buying one, as there will inevitably be other questions that will arise as time goes on.

I second the ‘fasten seat belt’ warning. A light should also be somewhere on the dash that tells you to “fasten seat belt”.–Prof. Handy

Well, the OP did not see fit to share the make, model, and year of his vehicle, so this is another guess, but here goes:

I am going to guess that the vehicle is not new and as a result, the light that is supposed to accompany the seat belt warning chime is burned out.

Well when we first got the car it wouldnt go over 30mph which has been fixed since. but there might be only 1 person in he car and it literally happens every time . I even went under the dash but couldn’t fin it the ignal that door is open, so i close the door it still goes off. we have checked the fluid and everything but it still goes off.

When you say that it “goes off”, do you literally mean that the beeping goes off, or are you trying to tell us that it makes a beeping sound at that point? (For some reason, people say things like “my alarm went off”, when they actually mean that the alarm went ON!)

Assuming that you are trying to tell us that something is still beeping for one minute after you start the engine, I am still convinced that the noise that you are hearing is the warning that reminds you to fasten your shoulder harness.

By it goes off i meant it kept on beeping anyways

conintuing… if i fasten all seatbelts it still beeps.

If you take your seatbelt off, does the seatbelt light come on and/or does it make a beeping different from the problem one? If not, the seatbelt switch might not be working properly and the bulb may be burnt out, as a previous poster suggested.

When you fasten your seatbelt, it completes a circuit which makes the light and chimes go out. If there’s corrosion in the belt receiver, it could be stopping the sensor from working correctly. Take a long flat-bladed screwdriver and scrape around in there with the ignition on to see if you can get it to stop. The blade may be able to complete the circuit or may clean some of the junk off.

Some cars from the 70’s used to have a switch that worked the same way, but prevented the car from being started without a seatbelt on. They were very problematic, and many ended up just bypassing them.

the light works fine when we fasten the seatbelt the light shuts off but the beeping continues.

we really just want to find where the beeping is at .

try checking the air bag because it happend to mine and the i did some reasearch its eiter the seatbelt or the air bag from what you’ve said i think its the air bag though

Shoot, there goes my theory. At this point I’d say you’re best off taking it to the dealer. They should be able to tell you which particular chime is going off. Maybe they even have a quick way to fix it.