Automatic Windsheild Wipers

I have a 97 Honda Accord. The windsheild wipers only work if i manualy hold the stick down or pull back on the stick to have fluid too. When I turn them on to go Automaticly they dont move. What is the problem? and how do i fix it??

I would start by carefully reading the owner’s manual if you have not do so already. As I under stand them, the system you have detects rain and offers some degree of automation of the wipers. The owner’s manual should explain it and what your options are. Do you have the manual? Have you understood and followed the instructions?

If you have done your part, my guess is the sensor is bad. As I recall those sensors were never very good and they died often. I even seem to recall some owners disconnecting them because of the annoyance they caused.

no no they dont turn on automaticly… its the nob on the end of the wiper stick. you turn it and the wipers are suppose to stay on at a speed and stay on automaticly untill you turn them off. Basicly I have to drive holding the stick down so the wipers go.

I would say you need a new switch mechanism.

I see. I agree with Bing, the switch is the first thing on my list.