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2019 Hyundai Tucson front wipers won’t stay on

I can’t get the front windshield wipers to stay on! I have to manually make them work! Is there a step or something that I’m missing?
Thanks, Susan

First read the section in your owners manual on operation of your windshield wipers.
If following those instructions does not help, get to your dealership and have the problem corrected under your 36/36000 warranty.

My wife doesn’t have that problem on her 2016. By all means check your owner’s manual but this is not rocket science. I suspect a malfunctioning switch. BTW, your warranty is 5yr./60000mi.

Thanks for responding! I’ve only had the car for 4 weeks & it kinda threw me especially as it shouldn’t be a problem! Oh well, will try again today but may have to take it in! Thanks, Susan

Does this problem occur in all three positions; Auto, Low and High?

Maybe you switched them to intermittent. Look over your users manual again.

Yes it didn’t seem to matter what I did! I even watched it on YouTube, shouldn’t be a problem! I’ll try it again today & if it continues to be a problem I guess I’ll have to take it in! Thanks again Susan