2003 Honda Accord Wipers Quit Working



I have a 2003 Honda Accord and for about 1-2 weeks the wipers operated slower than usual. Today, they decided to stop working all together. I checked the fuse… it is fine. Could it be the motor? I’ve also heard things about a switch. Any advice?


Most times when wipers act abnormally (as in will not ‘park’) the fault usually lies with a faulty wiper motor.
With other wiper erratic movements the switch may be the culprit. In your case I suspect the motor MAY need replacing. Be prepared to spend some $ as these are not cheap.

Ensure the electrical contacts are clean and tight and make sure there is 12V getting to the motor from the switch. (the multi-function switch on the steering column)

BUT FIRST: closely inspect ALL the linkages and pivot points for seizing (due to wear) or mis-alignment.


The problem most likely is in the power circuit going to the motor, but it could be in the motor itself. The way to find out is to see if voltage is getting to the motor. Using a test light probe to check the voltage on the power lead to the motor will help you see what is going on and which direction you need to go. I can’t tell you what wire carries the power to the motor since I don’t have a service guide for your car. I suggest you get a service manual to help you with this. They are a great investment to have on hand when troubles like this occur. You could also just check each wire to see if any have voltage on them, to start with.