Winshield wipers will not stop !--help


Hi… i have a 98 sautrn sc1 and my windsheild wipers seem to have a mind of thier own. everything works great on the car and i keep it in great shape, BUT just as of last year the wippers will not shut off unless i turn the car off… AND if it is very hot out and i hit a bump while making a left hand turn the wipers will come on all by them selves…?..there is no fuse in the fuse boxes. Also if i just have the key in the “ACC” mode with out turning on the car they work fine 80% of the time…

I was thinking maybe a loose ground wire? the horn wires in the same location as the wipers? I am running out of ideas of what to look for as i am not paying 98.00 an hour just to have the dealer stand and look at the car … please help