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Wipers and turn signal

'13 Accord Sport, 3k miles

It’s 10 degrees in WI today. This is 1st time I had this problem. I press the washer lever towards and the washer fluid comes out, but the wipers don’t move. They are not stuck on the windshield because of ice or anything either. What can I check?
The next question is the turn signal. What does the lever do when you push the lever towards the dash? It clicks, but I don’t notice that it does anything?

“What can I check?”

With a new car that I still under warranty, you don’t need to check anything.
The dealership’s service department is obligated to take care of this problem–gratis.
Just bear in mind that if you attempt to repair it yourself and wind up doing any damage, that damage will not be covered by warranty.

As to the turn signal lever, moving it forward should activate the high beam lights. Pulling the lever toward you should “flash” your high beam lights briefly, such as you might want to do when signaling someone. Of course, I could be wrong about how these function operate on a new Honda, but I can guarantee that your Owner’s Manual does discuss this topic fully.

I urge you to take the time to read the Owner’s Manual, as there are undoubtedly other features and functions that are different from cars that you previously owned.

Thanks. The manual doesn’t state what the lever does unless I’m not seeing it somewhere. It clicks when you push it towards the dash and locks in place.

You need to look at the manual again.
It explains the function of every control on your dashboard and steering column.

You can prove (or disprove) my statement about activating the high beams by turning on the ignition and pushing the lever forward. If it has activated the high beams, you will see a blue warning light on the instrument panel.

My apologies. I found it. The weird part is that my lever clicked, but the dash didn’t indicate the high beams were on or else I would have un-clicked it.

Now I just need to figure out my wiper issue. What would cause the wipers to not auto start when the fluid is released?

Agree to take it to the dealer, but does the wiper work when you just turn the wiper on? If no, you’ve got a wiper problem, if yes probably a switch problem. As far as the lights go, one direction would be to flash the high beams and the other direction would be to actually turn them on. You would see no difference in anything though if your lights were off.

Found the problem. I was tapping the lever. Looks like I have to press the lever for at least 2 seconds in order for the wipers to activate.

Owners manual the most unread books of all time!!