Automatic Windows



I have a 1993 Suburban with Automatice Windows. The driver side window seems to bind with I try to raise it. It goes down with no problem, but when I push the button to raise it it move two or three inches and then binds up and I get a grinding noise. If I pull up on it with my free hand and push the button it will start up again for two or three inches. Do you know what the problem is, and is it something I can fix.


You’ll need to pull the inner door trim to determine the exact problem but I’m guessing that the window regulator has a few worn teeth at the 2 - 3 inch raised position allowing the window motor to spin (hence the grinding) until you use your hand to pull the window past the worn section.

If you can install the new regulator yourself the part is $50 - 100.


You will need a big(not the one hand type)pop rivet tool


Thanks. I will try that.