Automatic mirrors not working

I have a 2002 GMC Envoy and the driving mirrors only move when I unlock the vehicle with the remote and then they position themselves upward only. The interior knob control doesn’t work. What type of auto repair shop can fix this?

If you can find a dedicated automotive electric shop they will likely be your best bet. Keep in mind I’m not talking about a place that primarily installs sound systems and alarms, but actual automotive electric.

Any shop that has access to one of the on-line auto repair service sites such as Mitchell on Demand, ALLDATA, etc can probably fiqure out what’s wrong. And from what I’ve seen, the drivers door control module would be the first suspect.


“What type of auto repair shop can fix this?”

How badly do you want them repaired? It might be cheaper just to install the standard cable controlled mirrors. Any body shop should be able to do this…

BADLY…I tired of manually adjusting the mirros every time I drive. I’m certainly not going to go to the dealer but I am sure not just ANY repair shop can do the work.

Look for “auto electric” and bring your wallet. In this case, a dealers service department might be the best bet. They have the technical manuals and the parts. Nobody else does…Repairing electronic toys is never cheap.