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Envoy with strange Behavior

I have an older neighbor with a 2002 Envoy. When she starts the car up and when she turns it off the mirrors move, and when she turns it off The Horn beeps twice

Is there an after market remote start installed?

YES. There is

Can you disable it and see if things work normally?

Will try to figure it out

I’m pretty sure I heard the mirror moving problem discussed here, or maybe it was on the radio program. Sorry, don’t recall exactly what the cause was though. Try using the search feature above/right maybe to find the thread.

I think you can program that car to recall seat and mirror positions for different drivers, so it may be defaulting to another drivers setting.

Time to break out the owners manual. The mirrors are driver preference, I believe, and it could be something as simple as her hitting the ‘1’ or ‘2’ button for a different driver. I think those also had the mirrors move down when put in reverse-annoying as heck if you’re a temporary driver.
Horn, I don’t know, but again that may be covered in the book.

@OldcarsRbest has the same line of thinking as I do. What trim level is the Envoy? You could also look at the driver door area, there will be buttons for Driver 1/2 if it has the feature…IIRC, the LT has a DIC where you can view and set default preferences. Could still be a problem but this is what I would look into first…