Suburban Mirrors


Doe snay one know of a recall for the suburban driver side mirror?

Ours is a 2000 and the mirror looks like it has oil on it and is not clear. I have noticed lots of them look like that as it is easy to see on others when in traffic. Also the eletric adjust does not work consistantly.


If you haven’t received a recall notice in the mail, then your vehicle doesn’t have one.

You can find out yourself by contacting GM through the ‘contact us’ link on their website and give them your VIN.

A quick fix would be to attach another pre-cut mirror glass over the original.

You could also smash the original mirror glass and replace the glass with a new one.

The power mirror adjust fault being inconsistent, may be due to either a faulty switch, loose or corroded electrical connections or the cable connections are stiff or corroded.

The pivot point on the back of the mirror is extremely difficult to access to lubricate and because of moisture (humidity) it’s not practical to dismantle the mirror assembly to lube it.


Thanks, great idea on replacing mirror with stick on.
I will Contact GM with Vin as well.