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Auto repairs and future problems

I read about your Accord transmission problemand the recall. I have a good friend with a 2003 Accord that has 90,000 miles on it, it was cared for at the dealer,. Now the trans slips babdly between 2nd and 3rd when turning. How did you get the recall?? The dealer demenyed that. He is looking at a $3000 repair job. Help please with advice to get Honda to cover this> The extra pump was added whrn the car was new. He has all service records. The dealer , of course, wants the problem to be recreated before it can be checked out. Ithere any help out there??

You say “the trans slips badly” why are you having a problem duplicating the concern for the Dealer?

It my friends car and he is having aproblem duplicating it for the dealer so they can get a code number. I have to believe there is some kind of a history of this typeof problem with the auto trans in Accord V-6’s. When ithe problem does occur,while turning and between 2nd and 3rd the car revs and will not “move”. I have a bad feeling Honda is not coming clean. Any adivilce would be greatly appreciated.