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Hey trans man.. could you help a Honda?

My friend has a carefully maintained 2003 Accord with about 95,000 miles on it. All work has been done by the Honda dealer and records kept. The transmisionl occasionally slips bet fpr temween 2nd and 3rd when turning and leaving a stop position. It simply will not move the car. The engine revs. He took it to the dealer , but it would not do it again or registar a code. It has an addiltional pump installed when new. Any iedas what the problem is? I have read where similar problems on similar cars get the manufactur to help with the repair. Any advice at all wuld be VERY helpful. THANKS

Jeff asking for Wayne

I have a 2002 accord. I had to replace my tranie at about 90,000 - I fought Honda and they paid for the part. I had to pay for the labor. Apparently, from what I am told the tranies were 2001 and since my car was made in 2001 I may have gotten a 2001 tranie (couldn’t prove this to Honda). Others have told me that tranies are usually poor in the accords in general.

What you describe sounds exactly like low fluid. Have him check the level and condition of the fluid first. Check it with the car on a level surface and with the transmission hot.


Could a bad motor mount or transmission mount cause the problem? If it has a shifter cable, probably not.

Hey Pristinabread,
Thanks for the info. How did you get Honda of America to agree to that? My friends car slips and he has been unable to move in traffic. That is dangerous and Honda needs to step up now. Anyone have anyother ideas or suggestions?
Thanks everyone!
Jeff and Wayne

Thanks alot Transman. We will try that! Do you think a trans flush would be worth trying??
Jeff and Wayne

No, stay away from the flushes. The Honda is rather easy to service. Just remove the drain plug, drain trans, reinstall plug and refill using ONLY HONDA fluid.


To you and StucklikeChuck. I think the 2003 Honda Accords have faulty transmissions. In Auto Recall and Possible Future Repairs, StucklikeChuck described my problem exactly. I have an EX AT with leather seats and about l06,000 miles. On a trip I noticed difficulty when increasing speed after slowing for an intersection. It was just a little ragged and then smoothed out. I was going to take it to my dealer on my return but it stopped running outside Roanoke. I am told that my VIN never had a transmission recall but acts just like others that did. My car in now in the shop getting a rebuilt transmission to the tune of over $3000.

Hey Lemonade,transman and all of you,
Thanks for trying to help my pal Wayne…but…on his way to work the darn thing died entirely. It would not shft from 2-3rd in a intersection. The local Honda dealer picked it up and it is in for repair. I have purchased 6 cars form them and sent them many(20+) customers so I called the manager. He wrote Honda of America and they will replace the trans with a new one for $1,400. Wayne is going to hlod out for a better deal. He did get a loander car at no cost. So, fight it with documentation of maintanand an awareness that this is a problem bigger then one or two car5s. Good luck. I will report back what the final deal is for Wayne,ce records
THANKS, Jeff1945

If they’re going to pick up $1400 of the repair then you are doing good because the cost of replacing your trans is around $3000. Your Accord was not covered by Honda’s extended warranty. It was the 2000-2001 Accords which were effected.