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Auto Recall and Possible Future Repairs

I have a 2003 Honda Accord with 105,000 miles. A recall was issued in June 2004 for the transmission’s 2nd gear. In October 2004 with 22,000 miles on the car I took it in for an installation of an oil jet on the 2nd gear versus replacing the transmission. Four years later the car is hesitating in shifting when accelerating from 20 to 30 mph, which I believe would be the 2nd gear. I have had all recommended maintenance done on this vehicle yet can’t help questioning whether I am “stuck like chuck” as far as seeking any type of consideration from Honda Corporation regarding future repairs to what appears to be a brewing transmission problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated !!

Unless Honda is going to do any Goodwill gesture, your stuck like chuck.

They did the recall work, and got you 4 more years and another 83,000 miles with no problems from the transmission. They are most likely going to feel like they did a job well done, although you’ll probably not agree.

Was all the maintiance done by Honda or are you just considering talking to them when a problem occurs? How many miles do you feel should pass before Honda is off the hook?

All maintenance was done by the Honda dealer that sold me the car. After the warranty expired I moved over to a certified Honda dealer. I don’t have an answer as to how many miles should pass before Honda is off the hook . . .what gets me is when the recall was issued the dealer had the option of either replacing the transmission or installing the oil jets. The cynical part of me thinks they took the easy way out as I feel I should not be having transmission problems on a Honda with a little over 100,000 miles. My thought is that I am going to contact their customer care center as nothing beats a failure but a try . . . .

Definitely call them. did you see the recall order yourself? Did it say that the dealer had a choice of which repair to do? Obviously the dealer chose the wrong one. I’d make a stink and see if you can’t get it fixed for real. I’m tired of rolling over an playing dead for mechanics - especially dealers who, in my opinion, are the worst of them all (with the exception of those on this website of course!)

There are 2 types of recalls; one a mandated one and the other a voluntary one.
This original problem likely fell into the latter and these are often limited in nature with mileage and time constraints.

After 4 years and at this point not even knowing if the problem is even related to the voluntary recall problem (often called a campaign), I would say you’re stuck.
If the fluid has not been changed, etc. then I would say you’re even more stuck.

You might get a transmission shop, not AAMCO, to look your car over. IF the fault is related to the original problem then you can try contacting the Honda regional office and see if they would cover this for you or meet you part way on it.
If you do this be very polite and professional in your dealings with them. Express a little disappointment in having a transmission problem at such comparatively low mileage and see what happens. Hope that helps.

Thanks for the good advice. I believe I will have my trusted mechanic take a look at the car to see if he can determine if there is a real problem and then contact Honda. Of course, I will be most polite, professional and assertive as you can definitely attract more flies with honey than with salt.

It is good that you have a record of contact and patronage with Honda.

Sounds like my car. A 5 speed EX 2003 Honda Accord AT with leather seats. I had that trouble increasing speeds (at around 30mph) at intersections on a trip. Before I could get it home to my Honda dealer, it quit working about 500 miles from home. After towing to a Honda dealership I was told that the transmission needed to be replaced. I noted your recall but when I called, they said my VIN had not had a recall. Sure sounds like the same problem to me and a faulty part. My car had about l06,000 miles and they are saying my repair will cost over $3000.