Auto draft save

Can you delete this “feature”. I think it is hogging up your bandwidth. It causes issues with me when I try using this site.

I’d agree. I like the ability to save & I want to keep the option. But I don’t want an auto save. For one thing, the stupid gray box often just pops up exactly where I am trying to type. For another I don’t want a draft of every response where I started to reply but then changed my mind about saying anything at all.

I know that the drafts can be deleted. But I don’t want them to begin with - unless I manually save one.

Here is another vote to delete the auto draft save. It’s a useless feature for the most part and is annoying to boot.

Right now I am trying to respond to my thread on Hughes Net, but because it is a little long, it starts an auto draft save during the upload, crashing the upload.

Another vote for removal. If my text is that long, I’ll draft it somewhere else (that I can spell check, too) then copy/paste it into the window. The auto-save feature is just…annoying. All those drafts to delete after I finally decide just to STFU… :slight_smile:

I did the copy/paste thing, I still had to split it in two to get it to upload.

I agree with the others. The little box pops up righte where I’m typing and I can’t see what the heck I’m doing.

Agree get rid of the auto draft save, don’t need or want it.

Me too. I have a stack of saved drafts that I don’t want.

Lose this “feature.”

Hey, guys. I asked for it to be turned off, and the change has apparently gone into effect. Let me know if you have ongoing problems.

Will do. Thanks.

Thank you.

Thanks, Cyberbabe… :slight_smile:

And thanks to keith - for bringing it up to begin with.


There are still issues…that have NOT been resolved.

The screen isn’t getting automatically refreshed. This was nice because after I viewed a post and went back the refresh would run and it would show that post was already viewed by me. Now I have to refresh the screen manually.

Second…There are some posts that always show that I’ve never viewed it. A week ago I had 2…now my list is over 10 and growing. I can read the post over and over again…and click the refresh multiple times…but the post still shows as being unread.

This is still very annoying.

Where is this that shows what you have read. I don’t remember ever seeing this.

Meaneyed: If you’re logged in, right underneath the link to each thread, there should be a “number of comments” indicator, followed by a yellow “2 New” or whatever the number is. That’s what I get, anyway, I can only assume that’s what everyone else gets.

Chaissos has it right…that’s exactly the way it USE to work.

The number outlined in yellow is the number of responses in that thread you haven’t read…It USE to update every time you read the thread and then returned to list of threads. I guess they pulled that piece of code from the post-back event.

Now you have to specifically do a refresh (which forces a post-back event) to update the list. However there are still threads that will never update…I can read them over and over…but the it still shows that there are some responses in the thread I’ve never read…I have at least 10 that are this way.

ok, thanks guys