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Audi Alarm Mystery


I had a very bizarre experience 2 weeks ago with my Audi A6. The panic alarm was going off spontaneously, but only in or very close to my garage.

I was able to stop the alarm by turning the car on. I drove to work and parked the car. There was no problem all day at work.

When I returned home and turned off the car, the alarm went off(I did not lock it or touch anything, just sat in the driveway.)I’m new in the neighborhood, so it was especially distressing to have the alarm going off(like having a screaming baby on an airplane!)

I was able to turn it off for 2-3 minutes by hitting various buttons on the remote key…but it would go on again spontaneously. I parked it up the street about 20 yards, though still in line of sight of the garage…it still went off spontaneously.

I then parked further up the road,out of sight of the garage, No Alarm! I went back to the driveway…Alarm!

Audi service had no idea. Police said disconnect the battery. I remembered I had a 2nd key, which I used to turn on the car and have had no problem since.

I removed the battery from the first key.

My suspicion is that the first key’s battery was weak, and (?) overwhelmed by the signal from the garage door opener, since this bizarre behavior only occured at the house, or near it. It’s pure speculation. Anyone have a theory?