Crazy Alarm

The factory alarm goes off with no provocation. Thought someone had a garage door opener in the neighborhood that conflicted. However it goes off no matter where you are. Works fine for about 24 hours. Car sits alot, but only has 60,000 miles and is a 1999 model.

Where do you keep your wad of keys ?

Mine live in my right front pocket. House, cars, and work all stuffed in there together.
Once upon a time, when I sat down in my easy chair at home, bee bee bee bee bee ??
I went to check the car for intruders and turned it off with the remote. Then it dawned on me.
The button on the remote was being covertly pressed by all the keys stuffed in there together.

Check to see that your panic button isn’t being pushed accidently by other objects near by.

Possibly a faulty hood switch or jiggle switch.(latter is in the ignition switch)
Sometimes these things are so borderline as to whether the circuit is open or closed that the rocking of the car due to the wind blowing can trigger the alarm.