Honda Car Alarm

The factory installed alarm on my daughter’s 2001 Honda Accord goes off unexpectedly while parked. Heat, cold, wind, contact don’t seem to be the cause. Honda dealer cannot recreate cause nor has solution. Suggestions? Her neighbors are as frustrated as she is. Thanks!

Have dealer disable the alarm if possible.

Why stop there? Just send the whole car to the crusher.

Can’t disable the alarm. It’s all incorporated. To disconnect the alarm would require disconnecting the horn. Thanks anyway.

I know this sounds dumb, but it’s just a thought. Perhaps something in her purse is occasionally pressing her “intruder alert” button. I actually had this problem myself with stuff in my pocket pressing my alert button an activating my system. I took me awhile to realize what was triggering the system.

Here’s a thought: perhaps she could pop the battery out of her FOB and see if the problem goes away. Or she could use the “valet key”, as that one may not have the alert button.

I know, these are longshots, but I’m testiment to the fact that it does happen.