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Attention webmaster: re. links at top of page

It would help if these links were in multiple columns.

That would remove the expanse of red and triple space efficiency.

As it is I just can’t deal with it any more.


Are you having that problem again?
I have to say that this is not currently happening when I log onto the site.
A week ago it was a big problem, but currently I am not seeing this issue.

They are in multiple colums,at least for me,and I use the much maligned IE8

my firefox isn’t having any issues now

Try firefox and look for adblocker as an add in. Google chrome might be a nice option also but I have found the google updater it installs along with it to be a processor hog.

I am also using Internet Explorer and I am having no problems with this site at this time.
Last week was…not good…but this week–no problema!

Hi All,

Just a quick note, that we have been following these threads. We’re currently planning an overhaul of the back end of the web site, for later this summer, and hope to address a number of the issues raised here, and in other threads, regarding both back end and front end issues.


Doug Mayer
Senior Web Lackey

adblocker is essential for me. Though some sites won’t load properly with it enabled, but a simple middle click and they can. The ones I miss for the new version is Amazing media browser and statusbar clock, AMB helped download those crazy flash games/videos that download helper couldn’t get.
And Doug, thanks for getting those issues resolved that we had last week, though a few seem to be having the same problem again(op). Now, if you could just give us back the old layout… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m using Firefox 3.6.3 with AblockPlus add-on.
I get a long single column of links at the top of the page.
Takes a minute or so to load, and I’m on a T1 line.
Same with IE8.

Doug: While you are overhauling how about changing the “previous” and “next” page links at the bottom of the page…I think they are reversed…since clicking on “next” bring you the previous posts…

That problem came and went (thankfully) for me, I didn’t change anything.

Thanks for the constructive feedback, guys. I think what we’d like to do (and we’re not there yet, so don’t jump the gun!), is have a discussion of what features we’d all like to see in the next iteration of the Car Talk Community. Stay tuned-- probably in a month or two.

Thanks for all the great discussions and sharing of info, here. It’s excellent seeing the CTC grow and thrive!



P.S. By the way, those glitches from last week were related to a complex series of hosting issues we encountered. They seem to be fixed now.

3 thing I can think of right now:

  • Placement of the “first, previous, next, and last” at the top, as well as the bottom of the posts. Shouldn’t be too hard to code that in, and would make navigation a bit quicker/easier too.

  • Bring back the old style linear posting setup, where new posts are always on the bottom of the previous posts, along with any “replied to” posts. This new setup is all fine and good, but when you’re trying to navigate through 4 or 5+ pages of posts looking for that one updated post, it gets hard to find.

  • In conjunction with the 2nd suggestion, a “View new posts” button would be great as well, allowing users(both old and new) to see if their topic was replied to since they last logged in(not everyone thinks to check that “email me when a reply is posted” box. Also, with as many new posts that are made each day, if someone fails to log in for 2 or 3 days, it’s 10-20+ pages back, and they might not want to take the time to go that far back to find the answers.