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At higher speed

I am running at higher speed settings only one of my motors runs. When I lowered my steps per mm in marlin the issue went away. Do you guys think it could be a current issue or a motor issue?

MRO Supply

I think it’s a troll issue…

Every time I tried to change anything in/on my Marlin it wouldn’t fire anymore.

I really think that it is time for Cyberbabe to consider whether mattmro444 is continually trolling this site.

Over the past couple of weeks, he told us that…
…he owns an old Audi, which he wants to make go faster…
…he has a Kia…
…he wants help in changing the “gu cvs” on a mystery vehicle…
…he owns an Olds Aurora…

When he has been challenged to provide more information–especially in regard to what vehicle needs new “gu cvs”–he never seems to respond.

…and now this…question…about…God only knows what.

@VDCdriver‌, I haven’t said anything, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t noticed @mattmro444 and his posts. It’s odd, and I did consider the posts were trollish at one point, but I didn’t fully get on that bandwagon because if it’s trolling it’s either somewhat unskilled trolling, or an odd, minimalist trolling that has managed to provoke more suspicion from what the OP didn’t say than what he did. While MRO Supply is mentioned at each post, it doesn’t seem to be trying too hard to spam, if that’s what he’s doing. And, frankly, some things that I think are trolling turn out not to be after all. @Volvo V70 suggested in another thread that people ignore him. It might be worthwhile.

So, @mattmro444, people here are uncommonly kind and generous with their expertise and willing to help, but it helps to meet them halfway if you’re looking for some answers to your questions. I don’t want to rush to judgment here.

No problem for me. I didn’t understand a word he/she said. I thought a Marlin was a fish.

Maybe he has one of these:

Kinda looks like a fish. If you are going to the trouble and expense of restoring a car, it ought to be one that you at least like.

A review of it when it came out called it ‘a fish out of water’…quite the sales ‘flop’…

Where do you suppose that he hides the second engine in that AMC Marlin?
I would ask this question of the OP, but the likelihood of getting a response is not very good.

Here’s a possibility: “MRO Supply” is a LA-based supplier of conveyor belt equipment, parts, etc. Read in that light his post almost makes sense…not that it makes sense HERE…

@texases–There is also an MRO Supply in Indianapolis, which deals in fasteners and janitorial supplies.
In any event, if the OP works for a US-based company, I am amazed that he was able to secure a job despite having such poor English skills.

VDC, you wouldn’t be if you’d been involved in some of the ESOL programs I have. Some years ago California passed laws requiring teachers to recognize “ebonics” as a legitimate language. The result was students graduating from high schools with zero or near-zero English skills.

I have to agree with Carolyn that a troll would do a much better job. I also agree with Texases that he just may be from that LA-based supplier. He may be struggling to find help on a forum totally unrelated to his problem, with a command of the English language too poor to understand that he is.

At least I hope that’s the problem. I hope it isn’t a person with a really serious problem like schizophrenia.

“Some years ago California passed laws requiring teachers to recognize “ebonics” as a legitimate language. The result was students graduating from high schools with zero or near-zero English skills.”

Trust me, as a retired high school counselor in NJ, I am only too familiar with the deficiencies of California schools. Whenever we had students transferring to our school from California, they were invariably several years below grade level.

This problem doesn’t just involve the recognition of “Ebonics”–which I think was limited to the schools in Oakland. I had transfer students from many different areas of California and they were so far behind NJ students by the time that they got to 10th or 11th grade that it was truly depressing. The graduation requirements of the State of California were so minimal that it took students transferring into my NJ HS at least 2 additional years to satisfy graduation requirements, even if they transferred while in 12th grade.

IMHO, the educational system in CA is a disgrace.

VDC, I wholeheartedly, absolutely, emphatically, totally agree. The mess that CA politicians have created out there is appalling. It saddens me to meet good, decent young people from CA who through no fault of their own received an absolutely abysmal education, and came out illiterate and uneducated with a diploma in hand. CA has horribly failed them.

With the help of subcontractors, I some years ago developed and managed an ESOL program in a major NE employer. We had over 150 students in fourteen different classes concurrently (the company had multiple schedules and we had multiple levels of classes). A number of them were from the CA school system.

Even retired, my gut burns when I see what politicians and political correctness are doing to the kids in some of our educational systems.

Sorry for having gone off on a tangent. This is a very, very serious subject to me.

Lockheed-Martin makes a Marlin AUV , autonomous underwater vehicle, that appears to have multiple motors.
With the o.p.'s lack of sentence structure and subject…and their lack of retuning to the discussion to clarify…
I guess we’ll never know.

( I still don’t know what ‘‘steps per mm’’ could be )

MRO = maintenance repair and overhaul

Steps per mm is from the CNC industry:

I think I saw this show… Rod Serling, right?

Yep, might be just clicking on the wrong forum button. Still didn’t understand anything he said but still feel compelled to comment.

I realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder . . .

But to my eyes, that Marlin looks grotesque, just like many of AMC’s offerings