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Rpms going crazy

hi all. well this is the guy with the toyota corolla that has been asking so many questions… well i have another one: usually my rpms are at 1500 when im going 40 mph. and 2000 rpms when im going 50 mph… today when i took off from my house,the rpms started working upward as i increased speed. this time the needle didnt jerk back to the correct rpm like it usually does… it kept going up as i increased the speed and the car was roaring as it got it to 50 miles per hour at 4000 rpms… this was a freak thing to happen… my needle never goes that high. so, when i stopped the car and the needle went down to 800rpms which is normal at stand still idle. then i started up again and it was normal… would anyone know why that would happen? thanks in advance

Next time, take the gear shift lever out of second gear position, and, it will be fine.

lol… im so glad you told me that… would have never guessed thats probably what i did… thanks

Tim Here since 1964 CE,
You may scoff; but, it has happened more than once.

?? what?