Tickin time bomb

Had diagnostic after diagnostic and still can’t find out what wrong with it. My car has a ticking sound while driving. It’s slow to excellerate. I’ve had the timing chain replaced. Cost me a grand six of wich was labor. $381 was for the kit. And now it’s hard to heat up. It sounds like when a blow drier blows a coil cause it’s breakin down. Right now I don’t go over 50 mph and I haven’t been on the interstate in forever! What could it possibly be?

The possibilities are almost endless, but few members of this board will venture a guess until you reveal the following information:

Vehicle make, model, and model year
Engine type and displacement
Odometer mileage
Whether the vehicle has been maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

Also–was it a timing CHAIN that was replaced, or was it a timing belt?
Please clarify “it’s hard to heat up”.
For those of us who don’t know what a bad blow dryer sounds like, can you describe the noise in a different way? And, under what conditions does it make this mysterious noise?

Give some info like engine vacuum (maybe plugged cat) and don’t imeditally link the “tick” with the power loss.

no power suggests that timing chain/belt installed incorrectly and no heat suggests water pump should have been replaced…


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