Running in circles

I hope that I am not required to jump through hoops and run in circles in order to log in here.

Or maybe the silliness that I just dealt with was a hint…

Hi Rod,

I did sticky that there was an upgrade happening today. What was supposed to happen was that existing users would have to link their account once again between the side and Vanilla. You did it once way back when they redesigned the site, but in essence they rebuilt the “bridge” between the two because there were some accounts who were altogether locked out. (Barkydog and bscar, as I recall, fell victim to this.)

That’s the background, but were you able to confirm in the end? Sorry for the inconvenience, but I’m taking a modicum of comfort in the fact that you were able to post about it. If things are going wrong, please tell me. I haven’t had to do the linking yet.


I have no idea what " Vanilla " is so I dobut I linked it with anything , especialy since I don’t know how to link anything :slight_smile: .

rod, the general discussion guidelines clearly state that this topic is for AUTOMOTIVE issues. what are you, some kind of anarchist troublemaker?

Wes, with all due respect, your avatar is creeping me out.

lol, that s a pic from 1983. I changed it because Volvo did not like my other pic where I had a look of wonder because of the brave new world that was opened to me last year, when I finally broke down and joined the 20th century and learned to use a computer.

guess I m just ugly.

but this is off topic, weren t you +1000 that we should stick to cars?

if I m not banned. I ll replace it with a pic of my great grandmother that my cousin sent me. its the only other pic I have on my puter

1983? I was old then I think. I haven’t had to do anything such as log in or link or anything else.

Trouble usually exist for those without pure thoughts, clean living and daily prayers to the deity of your choice. Or, it’s just a case of bad luck.

“I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints”

  • respects to Mr. Joel.