S-L-O-O-O-O-W motion


Often the download speed here is slower than dial up. Is it ads or video links or ???


It seems to be worse when there are many video links in the topic.


Or your connection speed, or computer needs cleaning, etc. I’ve come to just ignore all the ads. Every time I look at something on line, it shows up on Car Talk for days afterwards so don’t imagine that helps the speed at all.


If you are on the main Cartalk page, it is trying to load an offer to get their news feed. That always take a bit on my machine. Linking directly to the Community page bypasses that. Give it a try, maybe that’s your “dial-up” moment.


Hmm. I haven’t had this happen - @Rod_Knox are you having this problem on cartalk.com or on the community discussion pages?


I think you have to be very careful what you type too. I said “holy cow” and got a slooooow ad for the cows from Land O Lakes. Makes ya think maybe someone is watching.


I have Cartalk Community bookmarked and don’t recall ever straying away for it @cdaquila. And lately I have wiped out my history, etc., before opening anything each day to avoid the slow downloads and that seems to help some. But in recent weeks the problem has crept up to the point of being quite annoying regardless of my efforts.


It does appear there’s a connection between what I look up while visiting here and advertising pop ups @Bing. When considering a problem posted here I often search one of the McParts web sites to look at various parts and soon afterward some combination of that part or the automobile appear in some ad. And many months ago I searched for a special Shimano tool and occasionally still get an ad pop up offering me various derailer parts and tools at bargain prices.If only the people could anticipate my current question rather than wasting my time with yesterday’s.