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Astro cruise control

I own a 1994 Chevy Astro with 197,000 miles.

Recently the cruise control quit working. What is the most likely reason? I am thinking the servo motor.

Check the third brake light, it’s easy to miss. A burned out bulb disabled the cruise on my 93 Caprice.

Ed B.

Start with the simple things. Did you check the fuse?

And check to make sure your brake lights are working normally: On with the brake pushed on and off with the foot off the brake.

My third brake light consists of a series of 48 LEDs above the rear doors. All but 4 are working properly.

I have checked some fuses. Unfortunately neither my Haynes Chevy Astro manual or my 1994 Astro Van Owners Manual do a very good job of pointing to the exact fuse to which the cruise control is normally attached. Any comments about which other circuit might include this one?

The brake lights are functioning as expected; my observation with my wife pumping the brake pad on and off.

There seem to be 4 major pieces to the puzzle; cruise control module, cruise control servo motor, cruise control switch (on the steering column) and the brake switch. I am now considering the possibility of brake switch failure in the closed position in which case cruise control would never function.

Check the simple things was good advise. Discovered switch failure.
The electrical contact came loose on the momentary switch at the end of the turn signal arm (contact was riveted; rivet failed). The contact stayed stuck in the “on” position all the time. Do not know if this is the only problem yet.
No switch replacements available so I guess I have to improvise.