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Ranger cruise control

The cruise control quit working in my 94

Ford Ranger.It’s equipped with the 4.0L engine and 4x4. Is it hard to replace the switch or is it something else?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Check to see if there’s a brake light out. If there is, the cruise won’t work.


Are the cruise switches on the steering wheel?
If so, do the other switches on the steering wheel work? Does the horn work? Is the SRS (airbag) light on?

A burned out bulb in the third brake light disabled the cruise control on my 93 Caprice. The bulb was replaced and the cruise has been working fine for the last 6 years. It took me a while to figure out it was the middle brake light.

Ed B.

All of the above are very good tips and cheaper and easier to troubleshoot. The sensor on the on your brake master, sticks straight up, can do this too. If it has a back connection or is disconnected it will do this. If this sensor looks a bit WET, replace it ASAP. This is the sensor that has caused a lot of the Ford vehicles to catch fire.