Brake light switch

Is there a proper way to put the brake light switch in? I know it goes on the driver side part on the brake pedal but alignment wise? I replaced one a while back and the bolt it snug but the switch was a little loose. I was able to move it up and down some. My brakes lights still worked but my cruise ( which I was trying to fix) didn’t work even with the new switch. I got a new switch but haven’t installed it yet until I get further advice on how to properly instal this item. Anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

Depends on the vehicle.

Year, make, model?


Offhand, sounds like the stop lamp switch may not be the reason for the inoperative cruise

A wild thought . . . there’s some vehicles out there, the cruise won’t work, unless all 3 of the brake lamps are working

Are all 3 of them working?

You need to tell us what kind of vehicle you have

The cruise control switch, or the servo/actuator might be the problem. But those are just wild guesses, based on no information about this mystery vehicle

Sorry guys. It’s a 2008 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE 4x4. N yes all three brake lights are working just fine.

I also have power to the cruise control switch that is on the steering wheel. It just won’t engage and it doesn’t show anything on the dash.

Sounds like you need to get hold of a wiring diagram

Are all the fuses good?

I’d be taking a closer look at that cruise switch

Yeah I checked the fuses yesterday. How do you take the cover on the cruise control switch on the steering wheel off? I was going to last week just to check out the wires but I didn’t want to break it.