Cruise control ;)

I have a 2001 ford focus SE and l can’t get the cruise control to work anymore, is the problem a fuse and if so where is it located or a problem with brake pedal?

The owners manual will show where the fuses are.

If the fuse is fine, check for a brake light that’s not working. If a brake light is out the cruise won’t work.

If the brake lights work, take the car for a drive. While cruising at a steady speed, place your left foot under the brake pedal and pull up on the brake pedal. Now try the cruise. If it works the brake switch is the problem.


Check the brake lights, especially the center light. A burned out center brake light disabled the cruise control on my 1993 Caprice.

Ed Butterly

I can’t find the fuse for cruise control on the owner manual, I guess there is none.
and about the brake light, I had noticed that my third brake light was not working so replaced 1 dead bulb (there is 5 of them) but the third light still not working but the 2 main brake lights are ok. what else can i check? thanks.

There are three fuses for the cruise control circuit. Fuse 53-10 amp, fuse 54-15 amp, and fuse 59-7.5 amp. If the third brake light isn’t working the cruise won’t work.


Great, So those 3 fuses are for the cruise control circuit, great but are they connected with the third brakes light also ???

Fuse 54 provides power to both the cruise control circuit and the brake light circuit. But if the other brake lights work, there’s nothing wrong with fuse 54.