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Cruise control

My cruise control quit working this weekend and I have checked the fuses in the cab and it is okay. What could be wrong?

Check if the third brake light is working. A burned out bulb disabled the cruise on my 93 Caprice.

Ed B.

You know, they don’t all work that way.

The last time I had a cruise control problem a quick look at the wiring diagram told me how it worked.

Hooked up my code scanner and requested a code 29 from the scanner gods.

Sure enough the scanner flashed a 29. “Vehicle speed sensor voltage too low”.

Replaced the VSS & problem solved.

As Ed mentioned check the brake lights & then pull the trouble codes.

What year is your F150? Ford recalled some years for a faulty brake pressure switch (safety switch for the cruise control) that would sometimes set the car/truck on fire or other times just keep the cruise control from working. Anyway we need to know the year to give good help as the cruise control setup has changed a few times.