Ask Someone: Hyundai XG350 #1519243286

How to change ignition coil on cylinder 1 &5

Ouch. If you have to ask…

The front coil packs are really easy on your car, but the rear ones are buried under a bunch of stuff. You can plan on several hours at least to get the job done. If you still want to tackle this yourself, this thread tells you how:

It goes so far as to change the spark plugs, which I highly recommend you do since you’re already under there and spark plugs aren’t expensive. There’s no sense having to do this job again prematurely because you didn’t change the plugs.

Don’t forget to gap the plugs properly - your owners manual will tell you what the gap should be. Don’t trust the “pre-gapped” plugs, as they often get messed up as they bang around in transit.