Help: How do I remove these spark plugs!

I got some great info here yesterday on gapping plugs, most appreciated.

I started to do the job; taking off the first plug wire was no problem. What is a problem is that I have no idea how to get the plug off once I remove the wire because it seems to be encased in something else which is absolutely smooth. I’ve posted a pic:


I really don’t get it. You can see the tip but there’s nothing for the ratchet to grab on to. Please excuse the slightly out of focus pics.


Link doesn’t seem to be working. I didn’t realize you can attach a file.

Maybe you need a mechanic instead.

Follow the spark plug wire to the other end - that’s where you’ll find the plugs. It looks to me like you’re working on the coil pack end.

At the very least if you are determined to do this kind of thing yourself you may find a repair manual worthwhile (Haynes or Chiltons, $20 at auto parts stores).

You should also clean up those connectors at the coil pack - looks a little corroded - and give everything some dialectric grease. Either label the wires and where they connect OR only disconnect one wire at a time so that they all get installed back to where they belong.

I appreciate the reply. Three of them follow out to three long boots, the other three follow out to who knows where. I can’t see anything. Also, that tip in the picture, the rusty one, is the exact same tip that is at the bottom of the new plugs so I don’t really understand how they’re not the plugs.

I have the Haynes manual by the way. Doesn’t show me what I’m seeing in my engine.


I figured out that three of the plugs are up front where I can get at them and three are hidden in a place where even the Lord Almighty could not get at them. WAY OUT OF MY AREA OF ABILITY.

As much as I don’t want to bring this to a mechanic due to lack of funds, I guess I’ll have to.

Thanks. I can never have a car that’s easy to work on.

This really sounds like you need a mechanic or a more knowledgeable friend to help you. The picture you attached shows the ignition coils. They are the source of the spark. The other ends with the long boots connect to your spark plugs. The 3 other wires that you can’t figure out where they go connect to the other 3 plugs since this is a 6 cylinder engine.

You will need a spark plug socket to remove the plugs. Please follow the torquing recommendations for your new plugs.

Traverse mounted V6’s are NEVER easy to work on. The backside plugs are changed by feel or from underneath or after lifting the engine cradle up a little…

You want something you can work on yourself, get a 4-cyl stick-shift pick-up…