Changing Spark Plugs on an '02 F-150 SuperCrew



Can anyone tell me truly how difficult it is to change the spark plugs/ coils on an F-150? The Dealership claims they will have to lower the entire bottom end of the truck to replace them resultsing in an astronomical bill. I never knew changing spark plugs would be this difficult. Is this true or should it be easier.


It is difficult but not that difficult.
Your engine sits back against the firewall with the rear 2 cylinders of each bank under the cowl. This makes removing the coils and plugs on cyl #'s 3,4,7,8 a pain in the A**.
I have done more of these then I can count and have never heard of “lowering the bottom end of the truck”.
Find your self a good independant mechanic for this operation.


How about opening the hood and look at the location of the sparkplugs!!! If you can reach the sparkplugs with your hand then they’re very easy to replace. Try this and judge for yourself.