How to change 2000 camry spark plugs

is there a step by step on how to change the spark plugs on the 6 cyl 2000 camry?

Here’s one spot. You can probably find others.

You may consider doing the wires as well.

That is a good tutorial …for a four cylinder engine.
Six (V6) cylinder engines can be difficult to get to the “back” spark plugs. First, you should be using a repair manual, such as Chilton’s, or Haynes.
To change some rear spark plugs, you may have to remove something. Sometimes, you have to remove something to change front spark plugs, also. I don’t have anything more specific; that’s one reason to get the repair manual.

Good point - I hadn’t even looked at it carefully.

Hey Laurie, follow hellokit’s advice - Haynes or Chilton’s - about $20 @ an auto parts store and you can get a lot of good use out of it well beyond just changing the plugs.

If you’re not something of a mechanic, perhaps you should skip this as a do-it-yourself job.
Here’s what one person, who has done this job, had to say about it: Scroll down to whitefamily1’s response.