Changing spark plugs

1995 Ford F-350 van with 5.8L engine:

Changing spark plugs on cylinders 1-6 is easy. Cylinder 7 is time-consuming because

of having to remove the right front wheel and the diverter air control valve in order

to remove and replace the spark plug wire and the spark plug.

I had enough trouble trying to find the plug for cylinder one, now I wonder if ther

is any specific instructions for gaining

access to the plug and wire. Can I just remove the air cleaner assembly or do I have to also remove the alternator or something else???

The vehicle has 180,000 miles on it and I’m not sure I’ve ever changed the plug in number one cylinder. It’s possible I stopped at cylindr 7, planning to do 8 later and just put it off. The shop manual I have is useless, it’s instruction are simply, remove wire, remove plug, check gap on new plug, screw in new plug…etc.


p.s. you Jan 09th puzzler was a repeat, except the earlier version had greyish water vapor coming out of the tail pipe of the suspect vehicle

I think you meant cylinder 8, not cylindr 1.

Check a Ford Truck board.