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Ask Someone: 2012 Acura RDX - How is the reliability?

is this car known to have Transmission and engine problems

Nope. Consumer Reports says that owners give this model and year a 5/5 on reliability.

John , we have no idea why the question. Do they have one , are they thinking of buying one , are they having problems with one and if a specific car what is condition . Besides it is 6 years old and could be ready for major repair or not.

Are you sure that’s from CR? I have read them for decades and don’t recognize this 5/5 system.

The CR April 2018 annual auto issue has reliability ratings for the 2012 Acura RDX on p. 87. Overall rating is much better than average reliability. Engine, Major and Engine, Cooling and Trans, Major rate much better than average; Engine, Minor rates above average; Trans, Minor rates average.

Yes. I have an online subscription and they do use a 5/5 based system. Have for some time. They also use colors. The vehicle is green for overall realiability.

Our 2012 TL with the same engine and transmission was trouble free. It would have been great for the next owner because I changed oil every 5000 miles and trans fluid every 30,000. I doubt whether many do that so it basically is a lottery ticket when you buy one. Mine was a good car though (except for the air bag issue).

I’ve been on paper for decades and have only occasionally looked on line. Thanks for the info.

The car is 6 years old so there is no way of knowing whether or not this particular car will be reliable or not.

For the sake of discussion, say 99% of them are reliable as a rock. This car may be in the 1% that was thrashed and neglected.

Any used car is a coin flip.

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