Thinking about a 2015 Acura MDX

I am looking at a certified use Acura 2015 MDX from a local Acura Dealer. What problems have been reported on this model?

Go buy the current car buying issue of Consumer Reports. It’ll have lots of information on the MDX and other vehicles for comparison.

Carol, I think it more important that you understand what warranty comes with this CPO ( Certified Pre Owned ) vehicle. Just because problems have been reported does not mean they all have them.

Of course I say CPO only means that is certified to be a used vehicle and if a person is really concerned about problems then I say find something new in your price range.

Consumer Reports’ April 2018 issue gives the 2015 a better than average reliability rating. The only below average criterion was Noise/Leaks; Suspension and In-Car Electronics were average. All the other criteria rated much above average.

The 2016 was a redesign, and earned a much below average overall reliability rating.

There is a list of items that the dealer is supposed to check and fix for Acura to apply the Certified label to it. I think most dealers do the checks, but some don’t. IIRC, Consumer Reports says not to pay the CPO premium because it frequently is not worth it. If the dealer did little to ready the MDX for sale, then the can afford to discount it. If it has been on their lot for a while, they might offer a discount to get rid of it. Every day they keep it on the lot is another as they can’t turn their earnings from this vehicle into another sale on the next one they buy.

Thank you.