2017 Acura RDX - Issues

found a used car candidate to replace our great honda cr-v 2011 ex-l, and heard about acura acceleration and electronic problems with 2017 acura rdx 350. wondering about your take, and especially your take on the honda 1.5 l turbo fuel/oil problems with all their cars for 2016-2019.

I would be reluctant to buy a used turbo-anything! Check out the record in the Consumer Reports Used car buying guide and anything worse than Average should tell you not to buy.

I have owned 3 turbo charged cars. I love the power and fuel economy. Drove one for 17 years and 118,000 miles with no engine problems. Another 85,000 miles with no engine problems and now one with 31,000 miles and no problems.

Today’s turbos are much more reliable than those of 30 years ago. I’ve been very impressed with the twin turbo V6 in my F-150. Fuel economy is a bit better than the older V8 I had in my previous vehicle, and the performance is way better.

2017 RDX has no turbo.

Yep! The J35 that vehicle comes with is in my opinion one of the best engines Honda’s ever made. Good low-end torque, good power, very reliable.