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2014 Acura RDX - History of Oil Consumption?

Does the Acura 2014 RDX 3.5L have an oil consumption problem.

Five years old, with unknown mileage, quite possible. Engine may not have been properly maintained and/or abused.

You talking about 2014 Acura RDX with a non vcm 3.5L engine @ 97K? From the CarFax and visual inspection seems well maintained. After scouring blogs ( and noticing the 2014 RDX wasn’t included with the discussion in having an oil consumption issue. I wasn’t aware of the distinction concerning the difference. But thanks for responding I need all the help I can get. Still not 100% on these details.

No, I was replying to your generalized question, not a question about a specific vehicle.
Chances are this specific vehicle does not have a problem with oil consumption. But if you follow this forum you will see a question seemingly every week from someone that does not check their oil until the oil pressure light comes on and then discovers their crankcase is nearly empty.

Any used car should be inspected by a mechanic before purchase. Car fax is only a starting point. Not everything is reported to Carfax.

We also have a fairly large number of encounters with people who drive very few miles per year–mostly for local errands–and who decide to change their oil on the basis of odometer mileage, rather than on the basis of elapsed time. These folks–who have decided that it is okay to change their oil every 18 months or so–later sell cars with sludge-choked engines to unsuspecting buyers. The unsuspecting buyer winds-up with a car that develops timing chain problems and oil consumption problems.

Apparently this person is looking at a used vehicle and has concerns about oil consumption. OK , why not forget it and find something that does not have you on the web asking questions.

I’m on my third V6 Acura and never had an oil use problem. But then I have changed oil every 5000 miles since new. Who else does this? When trading the dealer does not want maintenance information and will not release the previous owner’s name so who knows what you are getting?

I do also, but I fear that all-too-many car owners do not do it. The first owner frequently escapes from the consequences of lax maintenance, but the second and third owners do not.

Who’s blow-ho-volvo? A screen pop up and said “ask a question” and I did. As said, 2014 RDX Acuras are absent from form those reporting/complaining on these blogs and review cites, and I ask the mechanic (you?) and I get I don’t know? Your a mechanic, right, and your not up on these questions even in a minute way? Appears to effect 3.7L and 3.5L but not in all models, also it seems the VCM has something to do with it, just asking a question.

It also appears there a class action on the issue, not aware of it?


Most of the posters here are not mechanics

Your original question is a basic question that can’t be answered with the little info you gave us.


Well, it’s all over the place, (blogs/complaints) and with a class action, with the exception of the RDX on both accounts, wondering how and why that may be? Wasn’t aware there are no mechanics, I got suckered into kibitz, oh well.

Didn’t say there were no mechanics, There are some very good mechanics here.

Here at ?

What vehicle is the subject of a class action lawsuit, exactly?

Where did you see this Pop Up ? On the main Car Talk web site ( not cites ) ? Because your question ended up on the Car Talk Community Forum That is open to anyone . Also don’t be so sensitive just because you don’t get a reply you don’t like.

It’s alright, I’ve fixed the problem. I’m leaving this cite, I’ll be back to kibitz on the flip side.

Good to know,
Glad we could help you,
Please come back when you have another problem.

Did you mean kibbutz? Best breakfast I ever had. No oil consumption problems with my RDX.

No just
kibitz, in the chat form, but thanks, I’ll take it for what it’s worth. I don’t know what tour eating, but “Kibbutz” is a communal settlement in Israel, typically a farm. Google search is a great thing. Meantime, I’ll keep asking around.

Yeah I’ve stayed at one. The breakfasts were great.

Since your’e here, very chatty & you say you’ve an RDX what year is yours, and buy it new? I was told by a shoddy car salesman the one I looked at wasn’t a VTEC engine, and I didn’t notice when I looked at the car, but from what I understand there all VTEC. Some one came up with a device that disables the cylinder shut down, all very complex and just don’t want to get stuck with a piece of crap. Also heard some having transmission issues with uneven shifting, you got it in yours?