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Acura RDX's CUV competitors? Gas Mileage? 5yrs or so old

We are looking for a taller vehicle aimed at freeway driving - but will be driven in town too - for under $12k.

2007 Acura RDX has poor mileage 17/22
Honda HRV has good gas mileage but it has to be new car purchase costing more

Mazda 5 is in between but unsure of its durability/reliability.

Are there other CUVs I should consider?

If you have read any of the many threads asking what vehicle should I buy you will see it is a waste of time. Everyone has their own choices and most times the person ends up purchasing something that was not even mentioned. This is one of those times when you have to do your own research.

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Mazda is a very reliable vehicle.

@MikeInNH - Thanks

We get 25-27 with our RDX. I don’t know, I think before throwing that option out due to mileage, just do a calculation on what the actual cost of the difference would be. Usually not much unless you drive a lot. So I think you should get what you want. We’ve had three Acuras now and really haven’t had a bit of a problem with any of them outside of a couple small warranty items.

The 2007 RDX is rated at 17 MPG city. The 2014 RDX is rated at 27 MPG highway. There is a big difference in model years and usage, your vehicle won’t get 27 MPG in my city while idling at traffic lights in 105F weather.

@Bing - which yr is your RDX?

On users have complained about mileage.

Apparently around 2012-3, there were some issues with the RDX - didn’t read all the reviews.

Speaking of Gas, there are drivers who goes to gas station once a month because they drive a Volt! I go easily once a week but that is partly because my tank is 13 gal.

Its a 2016 with the V6 and 6 speed trans, AWD which pulls the mileage down some.

You will find government mileage estimates for all CUVs here. You might not get the same mileage, but the estimates are really meant to provide a way for consumers to compare different vehicles.

@jtsanders - it is a great tool to get in perspective

They do not have a link for CUVs as such, have they? I browsed but did not have one there?

Look at the SUV class. The CUVs will be a subset of the SUVs.